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El Super is a fast-growing chain of grocery stores that targets Latino immigrant shoppers. It is a subsidiary of a wealthy multinational corporation that made over $100 million in profits last year.

El Super’s growth and profitability is derived from exploiting its largely immigrant workforce. The California Labor Commissioner recently cited the company for over $180,000 in fines and assessments for wage and hour violations, and the U.S. government secured a rare form of injunctive relief against some of the company’s egregious unfair labor practices, which it ultimately agreed to resolve. El Super has NOT resolved an ongoing dispute with its employees - members of the United Food & Commercial Workers Local 324 union.

As a part of its settlement agreement with the U.S. government, El Super agreed to return to the bargaining table on August 18, 2015 - after more than a year of steadfast refusal to negotiate. However, progress has been slow and the company has not agreed to address any of these workers priorities.

Workers have courageously stood together to win basic, "industry-standard" improvements in their working conditions. They are seeking enough paid sick days so they are not forced to handle their community’s food while sick, more guaranteed hours so their paychecks translate into a decent living standard, better pay, and above all, the company’s respect.

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