Youth Program

The OCLF Youth Program targets to assist 60 youth, ages 16 through 24.  The program will assist and support youth in achieving educational and vocational goals. The program emphasizes on four phases:

Phase I: Life Skills will prepare youth for the challenges of life during and after their transition from student to professional life and also how to make a meaningful contribution to their community by encouraging the development of character, integrity and leadership skills. Staff will assist youth with individual tutoring and provide support services.

Phase II: Referral to Training will provide participants with experience and gain knowledge and skills through on job trainings and taking what was learned in the classroom and applying it in the real world. Youth participants will be placed for internship with the local union partners to gain experience in a work setting.

Phase III: Job Placement, staff will assist with job search and placement with the local union partners. Youth participants will undergo apprenticeship with local unions and will not only learn occupational skills but will also include hands-on paid on-the-job trainings. Youth participants will learn and practice all phases of the trade occupation in the real-world applications.

Phase IV: Mentorship (follow up) will provide youth with staff advice, counsel and evaluation after job placement.

Eligibility Criteria:
Eligible youth include individuals ages 16 through 24, who are at risk of not achieving their educational goals. This includes high school dropouts, and potential dropouts. Some of the high risk characters includes:

  • Low Income/Underserved
  • Veterans
  • Foster/Emancipated Foster Youth
  • Pregnant or Parenting Youth
  • Gang Association
  • Youth with Disability
  • Youth in Probation

Program Services:

  • Individual Tutoring Services
  • Academic Career Counseling
  • Training & Workshops
  • Access to Computer, Internet, Fax, Copy Machine & Scanner

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