11 Sep Train, Build and Invest

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This 16th anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil finds a nation facing the long road of recovering from not one but two hurricanes. This is a good time for all of us to remember those who died 16 years ago, for all who gave their lives for our nation and for the first responders who so selflessly respond to every disaster and crisis.

Message of the Day—Train, Build and Invest

America’s answer to the devastation of hurricanes and torrential rains in the flood-swept Southeast and Gulf Coast should be massive investments to rebuild, yes, but also to prepare America for a prosperous future. The AFL-CIO has long advocated for heavy-duty investments in America’s infrastructure, money measured not by the billion but the trillion. Massive infrastructure investments will do more than put Band-Aids on the afflicted regions. The right investments will revitalize the areas torn by wind and water—and also the rest of our country—creating millions of good-paying jobs from coast to coast, spurring investment in America’s domestic manufacturing and laying the groundwork for a whole new generation of innovative private industries.

The time to invest is now. The cost is low. The need is high. And with prevailing wage rules and apprenticeship training, these investments will lift up long-neglected communities and help women, veterans and people of color acquire skills and rewarding careers.

Kitchen Table Economics

$300,000: That’s how much more, on average, an American worker earns who has completed an apprenticeship program, over his or her lifetime.

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Source: The Labor Wire

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