20 Jul No Corporate Trade Deal!

The NAFTA objectives from President Donald Trump are a failure because they won’t protect jobs or raise wages. If the new North American Free Trade Agreement follows this lead, the deal will be just like the corporate-written ones Trump campaigned against during the election. The objectives would even allow Mexico and Canada to continue to bypass “Buy American” rules. Working people will fight for a good deal...or we’ll mobilize to kill it, just like we did with the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Message of the Day—No Corporate Trade Deals!

High Wages and Good Standards: NAFTA should protect U.S. jobs and raise wages and standards across North America. Open the Process: Working people want new, better rules for NAFTA. We demand an open process and a seat at the table.

Respect Workers: Our trade deals must respect the right of workers to negotiate with employers and be free from discrimination. Today, America’s workers are being forced to compete against their counterparts in Mexico who have limited rights and earn the lowest pay in the industrialized world.

Eliminate Corporate Privilege: NAFTA gives corporations special courts to get around laws protecting our environment, health and safety, which is just one of many perks enjoyed by wealthy interests under our current trade policies.

Kitchen Table Economics

32 million: That’s how many children, working people and retirees would be kicked off insurance if Obamacare is repealed, says the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

WTF (We Think It’s Funny)

Surprise! Republicans weren’t exactly leveling with you about health care all along!

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Source: Labor Wire

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