17 Jul Make Trade Work

The U.S. Senate vote on health care faces a delay, as the White House kicks off a week long focus on “Made in America.” Working people await the release of the Trump administration’s negotiating principles on the North American Free Trade Agreement, expected as soon as today. If President Donald Trump is truly committed to America’s jobs and America’s workers, he will rewrite NAFTA so it works for working people. The AFL-CIO has put forward a comprehensive framework for doing exactly that.

Message of the Day—Make Trade Work

Here is how to rewrite NAFTA the right way: ✓ Open the process and give working people a seat at the table. ✓ Aggressively enforce workers’ rights and environmental standards. ✓ Eliminate special privileges for corporations. ✓ Prioritize good jobs and high wages. ✓ Safeguard democracy.

Kitchen Table Economics

$7,700: That’s what the average manufacturing worker lost in annual income after his or her job was outsourced because of NAFTA.

Take Action

Save good union jobs at AT&T. Source: Labor Wire
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