12 Jul Unity Works for America

In the midst of a stormy political summer, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers are staying focused on good jobs with a short documentary produced by PBS and narrated by James Earl Jones called Made in America.” Check it out. The labor movement will never rest in our fight to make the American dream real for all workers.

Message of the Day—Unity Works for America

  • The American economy works best when working people get good pay and benefits, experts agree, because consumers drive 70% of our economy.
  • Our economy isn’t like the weather. We can change it with activism on the job and through electoral politics.
  • It’s time for working people to rewrite the economic rules so they work for all of us.
  • We’re focused on pro-worker policies such as fair trade, good health care and the freedom to negotiate on the job.
  • We’re also fighting to keep good jobs here at home and organizing to turn bad jobs into good ones.

Kitchen Table Economics

$204: That’s how much more working people earn per week when we join together to negotiate with our employers.

WTF (We Think It’s Funny)

Pros and cons of the gig economy. gig-economy

Take Action

Call Your Senator for America’s Health Care! 3d Button

Source: Labor Wire

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