22 Jun Secret ‘wealthcare’ bill is out, and it’s bad

June 22, 2017

Like the worst jack-in-the-box ever, the Senate health care bill popped out of a secretive Senate working group today. If it becomes law, it would throw millions off health insurance by cutting Medicaid deeply to give massive tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest 1%. Now that we have the actual bill, working people will mount a massive effort to kill it.

Message of the Day—Secret ‘Wealthcare’ Bill Is Out, Bad!

  • Reckless Republican leaders in the Senate have produced this bill in unprecedented secrecy, hiding the fact that it would, for instance, throw patients out of nursing homes to give tax breaks to billionaires.
  • This irresponsible bill will be incredibly unpopular. The House version is one of the least-liked pieces of legislation in history—only 8% thought it should become law. The Senate version is just as bad.
  • The impact of this bill would be devastating. The health care of millions of Americans—from military veterans to young children, from the elderly to working families—hangs in the balance.
  • Democratic and Republican legislators should come together to improve and expand health care—ending the tax on quality health plans, expanding Medicaid and lowering prescription drug costs.

Kitchen Table Economics

Two of every three: That’s the portion of Americans in nursing homes who are served by Medicaid, from which the Senate health bill would cut billions to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

Take Action

Protect America’s health!

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